Making money on You Tube

Everyone has heard of YouTube right?  Well that is the esact reason why you should use it to your advantage.  People search You Tube every day, it is almost as popular as Google as a search engine.

Top tips

1.Make videos about your passion

2.Make sure they include some of key phrases to attract better results when people search.  To do this you need to try and enter search terms in to the search box and see what comes up.  Check for the top keywords that come up in your area of interest.  Use these.

3.upload your videos and put in links to affiliate links at the bottom and make sure you tell people in the video to click on the links.

Here is an example of how to make your blog work

So you’re thinking that this sounds simple, right?  If you’re anything like me this sounded simple but terrified me. I was thinking “I can’t make videos and put them online” I thought that all videos had to be complicated including exciting graphics, voice overs or even videos of me.

After watching lots of videos on line I found out that this wasn’t the case.  I found out that some of the videos on line were simply a picture or a couple of slides from a powerpoint presentation with a voice over the top.  I even found out that for as little as $5 you could get others to do this for you.

Amazing! Now I didn’t have to even do the voiceover to the videos. So I started making videos.  Very scary to start with but getting easier as I went along.  I’m still trying to build a list of users but I hope to a decent list  soon.

Hope that helps now get out there and be successful


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