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You can decide to build your own website.  I’m calling this other traffic because there are free ways and paid ways to gain traffic from this method.  If your website is good enough (this depends on who you approach) you can get companies  to send you traffic.  If you have gained a list of people you can swap lists with other website owners effectively doubling your list straightaway. This one may even be a free option. There are also people out there with large lists and they are willing to send out emails to their list advertising your site for a fee.  They work like solo ad vendors.  Send them details of your site and they will come up with a price.  Next we will look at some ways to make your website work for you to make sales.


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Paid Traffic

solo ads

First option is with Solo Ads.  One off ads that are placed on a pre existing list that, if clicked, send visitors to your website.  For this you first have to create a banner ad or become an affiliate for another product and use theirs if they have one.  Then look for a list owner, you can do this by searching for solo ads on line.  Find a good one that matches well with your site and then contact them with your idea.

Next they agree to put your ad on their site/list and then you agree a price on how many clicks you want to receive or how long you want to advertise for.

Pay and wait for visitors.


Banner ads are usually placed on your own site to promote other products.  They can also be placed on other sites for a fee.  Examples would be Google and Bing and Facebook.  You can place adverts on these easily, just visit their main pages and look into their prices and options – be sure you target the correct audience for your ads to ensure value for money.


Pay Per Click ads are what they say they are.  You find a vendor and then pay them to host an advert for you and how many clicks you want to have to your site before the advert is removed.


As you probably already know.  You can’t make sales if you have no people to sell to.  The people that visit your list are called the traffic and there are two types.  Free traffic and paid traffic.traffic  So how can you get traffic to your site?

Free Traffic

Word of mouth between family and friends. Putting a message on your news feeds on twitter and facebook.  These sound ok but how many of these people would be interested in buying from you or are even interested in the same things you are?  OK

Where else?  There are websites out there that will pay you to watch adverts for a very small cash payout per advert.  They also allow you to collect credits that can be converted into clicks to your website.  In some cases these can be targeted towards people looking in to the same things you are. Better

I started with PaidToClick.In and NeoBux


Creating a blog that is interesting may gain you a few more hits to your site.  If you get people joining your blog, you must continue blogging to gain more followers and serve the ones who are following you.  From there you may be able to promote or even sell to them.

Once you have got a list you can swap lists with other users and then you may double your list for free.  So get clicking.

Next time I will look at paid traffic

Step 2

If you checked out my last post you will now know that I am creating a list as part of a community who build business lists together. It’s worth checking out the training on this site, even if you don’t use it.

All In The List

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Happy blogging!

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Congratulations you have chosen to make the first step towards a new future.    Together we can build a list of contacts that can help provide extra cash in to our lives.  So what do you say? Are you ready to take the next step of this journey towards a new future?  Click here to find out more.